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Ginger Leigh

She is Adult Contemporary/Pop/Rock and quite the performer! Having grown up in Texas, Ginger's music includes elements of country, jazz and blues as well!  She always makes sure that the entire show flows to fit the style of the venue or festival. While listening to Ginger Leigh’s records or watching her passionate performance on stage, you hardly realize that much of her music is serious. She comes across with a lightness and ease, lifting you up.  A true show-person, Ginger has the audience eating from the palm of her hand no matter the location.

Her show is all about entertainment. She is a performer first and foremost. Her stage presence, interaction with the audience, body language and strong vocal stylings are fun and upbeat. While her music crosses many genres, she can make her fingers bleed on her guitar strings, yet she can be as gentle as a jazz singer in a smokey NYC bar.

Ginger's popular and larger-than-life persona has lead her onto stages across the globe, from festivals to clubs to theaters in Europe, the United States and New Zealand.  Whether she is performing solo or with her full-band, Ginger will bring her audience to the edge of their seats and on their feet!