Keep the music playing

Live music, we mean. No amount and type of canned music will ever be able to replace live music. People still enjoy a live performance with its emotional impact, the visual experience, the intimacy of the music.

That’s why they visit festivals, concerts, clubs and all kinds of events. And we are proud to bring you the music which will help you make events memorable.

Many of our artists are from overseas allowing you to offer your audience a different kind of artistry. Take advantage of them, when they tour Europe.

Our services include:

✓ Artist selection and program management for venues.
✓ Event planning and execution
✓ Setup of and follow-up on contracts
✓ Managing financial and administrative matters
✓ Developing promotional programs and tools
✓ Creating press material
✓ Liaising with print and digital media
✓ Negotiating with third parties.

In this business, being a specialist is not enough, one also has to be a generalist, be innovative, resourceful and think outside of the box. That’s our strength.

Welcome to CWE.