Music Tpe
  Country, Americana

  This French/American husband/wife duo sings in both their culture's language. They have developed their own personal, unmistakable sounds and make the crowd travel through a variety of intense emotions (energy, love, humor, tenderness, connivance). Ideally, Steve and Heather are fronting a full band of 9, but can play anything from duo with playback tracks up to full band.

  „Best European Country Band Award“ at Country Music Euro Masters 2011, and award nominee at Masters 2012 „Best Country Band 2010“ at Promo Music and radioi CIMX, Quebec, Canada. Award finalists at French Country Music Awards for several years in a row.


2010 – Made in Nashville
2010 – Sountry Party

New album planned for release in first half of 2014.

Home Base
  Paris, France