Type Music
  Pop, Blues, Rock, Jazz

  Her show is all about entertainment. She is a performer first and foremost. Her stage presence, interaction with the audience, body language etc is fun and upbeat. Her music crosses many genres, some of her songs are more pop, some are more rock, some are Latin, some are jazz, some are country. She always makse sure that the entire show flows to fit the style of the venue or festival. While listening to Ginger Leigh’s records or watching her passionate performance on stage, you hardly realize that much of her music is serious. She comes across with a lightness and ease, lifting you, rather than pulling you down.

  Ideally, Ginger Leigh and drums, bass, keyboards and lead guitar.


2002 – Charge Laughing
2005 _ Sugar in My Coffee
2008 – Don't Be Shy
2009 – Better Than Well - Live at the Saxon
2013 – Amazing

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