Type Music
  Country, raditional and contemporary

  Andy is as much a singer as a songwriter, a solo player as much as the rhythm guitar playing frontman of a band of seven. As an entertainer, he has a great sense of humor. He will involve the crowd and tell stories, which could be translated. He also does a variety of music besides his own that people love to hear, including covers of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Keith Whitley and rock as Cinderella. This variety helps him reach extended audiences.


1999 – You Won't Ever Be Lonely. Certified gold by the RIAA. Featured four singles which became Top 20 hits. Two of them ranked as no. 2 on the charts.
2002 – Freedom. The single "Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man" reached no. 7 in the charts
2004 _ This I gotta See. Two singles of this album reached no. 5 in the charts.
2008 – The Good Life
2012 – Naked
2013 – Triple Play Plus (EP)

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